All too often Health & Safety is little more than a folder in an office gathering dust, in some cases rarely used and indeed in the worst case scenario both out of date and non compliant.

We decided to address the issue and developed what you see today a fully interactive H&S framework publication. Now you and your staff can access what you need when you need it on any device.

This generic framework publication outlines current legislation, associated reading HSE publications & guidlines  and includes a number of interative informative videos that we beleive will engage both you and your team.

The framework publication can be stored on your own server, via your website, or on our Simply Health Safety website password protected.

If you wish to use the publication as a sourse of information as part of your training needs it can be downloaded to your PC or any device as a booklet or PDF.


Actions for directors, board members, business owners and organisations of all sizes

Should be a straightforward part of managing your workplace as a whole. It involves practical steps that protect people from harm and at the same time protect the future success and the growth of your business. Good practice in health and safety makes sound business sense.

Stress, DSE, Slips trips & falls are all part of a typical issues withing the office enviroment.

Some of the common problems associated with improper use of DSE include: fatigue, eye strain, upper limb problems and backache. By having the right display screen equipment training in place companies can ensure that employees do not experience health risks that can arise from improper or overuse of display screen equipment.

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Coming Soon